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  • Let us make your customized wedding favors!

  • Bride and groom's initials

Let us make your customized wedding favors!

Bride and groom's initials


Handmade Soap

We offer a variety of handcrafted soap made with organic ingredients and love. From honeycomb to succculents soap molds, we have an array of custom crafted products.


Lotion Bars

Our lotion bars feel like velvet silk on your skin. Fresh ingredients always included, these bars showcase Shea Butter, Coconut oil, Beeswax and essential oils to make an ensemble of perfection.


Bath Salts

We use an array of ingredients in our hand mixed bath salts, some found in our very own garden. Dried flower petals and herbs enhance a relaxing and soothing bath.


Local Businesses

I am grateful for the opportunity of other small businesses carrying custom lines of our products. Our local pharmacy promotes our shampoo bars, bath shots and excema soap. Our local florist carries our products to add to their gift baskets. Our local therapy center, owned by my mother, carries a variety of our products especially soaps ideal for their clients.

Here's what people think

Having GEMS soaps at our office is always an eye catcher and the kids love them!


The lotion bars smell like calm and serenity and helps me throughout my day!

Jadell W

You can tell the products are all made with natural ingredients, my whole family loves GEMS.

Michael L.

The GEMS soap bars always leave my hands feeling refreshed and hydrated. I would highly recommend to anyone!

Kylee M.

Fall Collection